Supporting Your healing journey

Healing is a journey. Sometimes we seek companions along the way. I combine acupuncture, energy work, and sound healing to create a sacred environment ready for transformation, deep healing, and personal empowerment. Using a wide array of techniques that I have lovingly cultivated over nearly two decades of practice, I offer a healing experience that is heart centered and intuitively guided.

I may use such therapies as moxibustion or cupping. Most often, we will discuss nutrition and supplementation. I offer guidance that supports healthy habits and awareness. I also check in with your spirit, emotions, and the stories that have guided you to where you are now.

My work is intuitive and co-creative. Patients just need to show up wanting to feel better. My intention is to guide you to your depth and open pathways that have perhaps not been accessed or felt.



All sessions are a combination of acupuncture, reiki, and sound healing in addition to other therapies that may be appropriate when we meet.



Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture



Sound Healing

Reiki Training/Attunements

Nutrition/Supplement Guidance

Creative Visualization and Meditation


Healing Sanctuary

Krishna practices in a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary space in NE Portland. She's able to hold space for workshops and teach classes here in addition to offering sessions.




4605 NE Fremont St, Suite 209C Portland, OR 97213


Sessions Offered

Mon 10am-8pm

Wed 10am-7pm

Thur 10am-7pm