• Krishna is truly an angel on Earth. In the 4-5 years of being treated by her she took me under her wing and nurtured me back to the grounded, healthy person I am today. Without her help, her healing words, her gentle touch, and her knowledgeable wisdom, I could not have found myself in this self journey. She has directed and guided me on my road to my personal Garden of Eden.
  • Krishna holds that rare combination of fine tuned expertise with a deep sense of attunement. She is a true healer in every sense of the word and brings a loving presence and sensitivity, accompanied by wisdom and precision, to every person she treats. I have described heras a healer, and a master, an embodiment of beauty within and without.
  • Krishna Bader's sessions as a healer changed my life. For the 4 + years I was a client of her's - my health, spirituality and centering bloomed exponentially. Prior to seeing Krishna, I did not know the real meaning of health, wellness and centering. Krishna's sessions assisted me in many areas of healing in my life, grief- through my mother's passing, healing my menstrual issues along with giving me a calming peace and understanding in my life. My diet, outlook and health all changed for the better since being a patient. ( I just want to say that these words cannot capture the real impact of the healing Krishna transformed in my life.

"Before I met Krishna, I had my doubts about the healing powers of acupuncture. I had had acupuncture in the past several times but never really felt any difference -- in my aches, pains, or general state of mind. In my very first treatment with Krishna, I felt "magically" transformed. Not only did she heal my aches and pains, but seemed to have restored my psyche and soul to a loving, grounded, and peaceful place. I have never felt this way . . . ever. Even after the best energy work, I have never felt like this. I believe not only that Krishna knows the technical intricacies of acupuncture but, more importantly, she knows how to connect with each individual to optimize each treatment. This is her magical gift. It seems that she always knows how to strike just the right balance -- balancing each person's individually-stated needs (e.g. neck pain) with their holistic needs:  mind, body, and spirit. She is truly a kindred spirit to all men, women and children."
- Martha

"It is very hard to describe my interactions with Krishna in just "a few kind words".  I met Krishna at a very difficult time in my life and she helped me to heal not only physically and mentally but also spiritually. When you think in your mind of what a "healer" is, Krishna is just that. She helped me to overcome panic attacks, insomnia, a weak immunity system, nutrition, among a vast array of other things. She helped me to find my own path.  I have seen the difference in myself over the past 2 1/2 years of working with her but also my family and close friends have seen a change in me."

- Candice

"I have known Krishna since April 2008. I had been trying to get pregnant for well over a year and had started working with a reproductive endocrinologist to begin IVF - even though all the testing indicated that there was no medical reason we could not get pregnant. Our first egg retrieval resulted in disappointment and the RE recommended that we include acupuncture in the treatment plan. She recommended Krishna. We had two subsequent retrievals, with 50% more eggs retreived each time, but both times the transfers failed to implant. By this time I was 39 years old and the RE was not optimistic that I could conceive with my own eggs. We went for a second opinion and were met with the same conclusion.  I decided to stop IVF altogether and give up on getting pregnant.

Krishna suggested that we try just TCM for a few months and let my body recover from the back to back IVF treatments. We began using herbs, diet modification and acupuncture. She also treated my husband near the time I would ovulate. By the second month of treatment I was pregnant. I can't tell you how many pregnancy tests I took, including a blood test, because I could not believe it. I continued to see Krishna throughout my pregnancy and delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl in June 2009!  Krishna educated me about TCM with readings and discussions throughout my treatment and treated me as a partner in my health care. She is kind, thoughtful and calm but she is also very well educated and and excellent teacher. I can not give her a high enough recommendation."

- Lowery

"Krishna, without a doubt, changed the quality of my life.  While it sounds like hyperbole, life before treatment with Krishna is hard to remember now - and I don't want to go back.  I began seeing her due to trouble regulating my blood sugar, not realizing the profound impact acupuncture and some changes to my diet, based on Krishna's recommendations, would make.  Not only did she assist in managing my blood sugar, she had an impact on my allergies, asthma, and atopic dermatitis, along with my ability to focus, concentrate, and be centered."

- Stacy

"Krishna was recommended to me by my doctor. She assisted me in my treatment for infertility. After several treatments my husband and I were successful in getting pregnant. I felt the sessions were so beneficial that I started getting treatment for my knee pain. I've had two knee scopes and play tennis several times a week, and her sessions have helped tremendously. I'm a full time working mom with two children and an executive. Krishna also helped me with stress and balance that resulted in a smooth transition back to work during a challenging time. I can't say enough about Krishna and her healing sessions."

- Barb

"Ok. Where do I start? I guess very simply, I have become inspired and enlightened and truly appreciative of Krishna's work. My first acupuncture experience was with Krishna and she not only helped to manage my physical and emotional challenges but she also helped me to embark on a self-directed spiritual journey. I have learned more about myself and feel so much more complete having acupuncture with Krishna."

- Lisa

"Treatment with Krishna is truly a life changing experience. Krishna's healing hands are so much more than just an hour of therapy. She takes the time to learn about you, what your concerns and fears are and more importantly what your goal for treatment is. What I value most about Krishna is her devotion and dedication to each one of her patients. She commits herself to a full hour of individual treatment by staying in the room while meditating with you ensuring your over all wellness long after your hour. For 15 years I took medication for my asthma. Krishna provided me with tools ensuring a healthier future without relying on medication. She helped me find balance in my life by committing herself each time I walked into her room. Her healing hands are always felt."

- Nealy

"It's difficult for me to discuss Krishna in business terms because, while she's incredibly professional, the breadth of knowledge she exhibits and depth of treatment that she provides goes far beyond that. Her assessments were always thorough and treatments focused but there were always positive results that, again, went beyond. If only I could write a recommendation that would do her work justice..."

- Chris

"In 2008 I was entering Perimenopause and suffering from a high degree of work related stress. After my first 2 treatments with Krishna, my hot flashes disappeared, my stress levels lowered and I had far more energy than I'd had for years. Krishna continued to treat me until she moved to Oregon and I can testify to my improvement of mental and physical health, for which she was responsible. Her style and personality immediately made me feel at home and her knowledge of acupuncture is extensive. I have recommended many of my friends to Krishna, all who have been similarly impressed. I miss her in Chicago and hope that she has the happiness and success in Eugene that she deserves."

- Caroline

"Krishna provides a nurturing environment where the work of balancing spirit, mind and body can take place.  The work of healing integrated many techniques all of which resulted in physical well-being and spiritual joy.  I highly recommend Krishna's approach to healing and, on a personal note, is sorely missed by this person in Chicago."

- Alex

"Krishna embodies the grace, patience and gentleness that should be the standard in today's medicine. She does not deliver cookie-cutter treatments that some fly-by-night acupunturists provide. She listens to the individual body and facilitates true healing. She actually saved me from an invasive surgery. Her magical yet time-tested ways allowed my body to heal on it's own in record time. I would say she's not charging enough! The value of her work well outweighs the cost... It saved me money I would have spent on out-of-pocket insurance costs, as well as thwart future health issues that would have been costly and time consuming. What a gem!"

- Liz

"There are no words great enough to describe Krishna. I looked forward to each of my visits with her as they were the only time in my hectic life that I felt still. Though we were unable to reach our "goal" due to other outside factors, by then, my visits with Krishna were about greater accomplishments for me. She was wonderful at making me feel calm when I thought that nothing ever could. Now, whenever I need her, I remember her words and follow her guidance...not quite the same, but I can't move to Oregon! I miss her greatly!"

- Barbara, MD

"Krishna is a truly gifted healer.  Her acupuncture sessions are more than just placing needles--she is with me the entire session working on me.  She is patient, gentle (but strong) and very intuitive. Krishna always worked with me at my pace and never forced any treatments or supplements that I did not need.  She is extremely gracious in sharing her knowledge with others and has started many of her patients, myself included, on a wonderful journey of health and personal responsibility.   Because of Krishna, I have been inspired to start my own studies in acupuncture. Eugene, OR is very lucky to have Krishna! I wish she was living close to me again..."

- Audrey

"Krishna Bader's healing practice has without question added new depth and insight into my body awareness and ability to heal from within.  My work with Krishna first began in response to a specific ailment with my swollen hands in a time of stress. But I soon learned that Krishna could work with me on just about everything in my body - physical ailments, emotional distress, stress, grief and menopausal symptons.  I am certain that I have eased into menopause because of the work we have done together. I learned that working with Krishna on a regular basis could also maintain my sense of well being even if there were no specific ailments to work on. I have learned from her even more to listen to my body and to be proactive in responding to symptoms before they become problems.  Krishna is a true healer. She listens to her patients, not only by hearing what they have to say but what their body is telling her. No two treatments are ever the same. And that was always a welcome surprise. I worked with Krishna for over 3 years (and miss her greatly!)."

- Deb

"Krishna is a terrific provider and healer.  I have been going to her for several years and have received wonderful treatments.  The environment she creates is very calming and focused on your needs. She gives everyone individual attention and offers treatments that give you way more than you expected.  She is very talented and I feel blessed to have experienced her talents."

- Marva