My professional training began in 1999 when I committed to acupuncture school at the age of 24. In 2002 I graduated with a M.A. in acupuncture from Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Seattle, WA.

After graduation, I moved to Telluride, CO and began my career at a resort spa, doing acupuncture facial rejuvenation. I also began treating patients for hormone imbalances. My practice immediately took off. I decided to treat local patients in private practice, in addition to the spa setting. Both locations kept me very busy. Being new to practice, this was how I became trusting of my skills very quickly. I was able to witness many people experience transformation.

I came into Reiki energy while in Telluride, and was attuned to the master level during that time. I immediately saw a powerful shift in my sessions with patients and was able to take the trust of my skills to another level. I began to connect very clearly to light magic, or spirit, that flowed through me. While we all have the ability to channel spirit, trust is a necessary component to that.

My acupuncture training combined with Reiki and sound healing is a combination that sends patients to deep places during sessions. Having a full schedule of patients for 16 years has given me plenty of practice fine-tuning my skills and learning to trust them.

This connection to spirit that I have cultivated is something I continue to be grateful for. While once a more skeptical person, my intuition has been something I’ve learned to follow and strengthen by listening. In service, my energy is pure and my highest shines through. Effortlessly. Without doubt.

From Telluride, my path led me to other beautiful places including Chicago, IL and now Portland, OR. My colleagues would always ask if I was afraid to leave a thriving and actualized career to start all over again somewhere new. Somehow I’ve been able to have a rich and supportive practice no matter where I go. There have always been people willing to show up for their own healing and communities that appreciate the service I hold space for.

At this point, I’m remembering tools I have access to within. These are the tools of purification. Of clearing obstacles. Clearing old programming and limiting belief systems. The stories I was living, that are no longer who I am. In my commitment to my own work, I help others. I learn so I can teach my daughter, and the countless people who’ve been on my treatment table these many years.

I’ve learned to be for myself what I didn’t have (and needed) during many times of my life when I didn’t know better and/or didn’t have healthy guidance. This is real healing. This is full spectrum self-love and creating the life I wish to be in, in all moments, rather than fleeting phases or glimpses. From this place, I express. And guide others.

The patients who come to me seek a unique experience in healing.  They wish for a deeper dive. People don’t have to understand what I do, they just have to show up wanting to feel better.

Much of my work with others is to help people connect to their own energy so that they can care for themselves. I’ve treated everything from women’s health and pain management to allergies, sleep disorders, and anxiety to name a few. I facilitate healing. I offer tools and guidance for you to be empowered on your own path.  

My wish for all beings is to be who you are. To find what makes your heart sing and do that, be that, as much as possible.

With love and true gratitude. From my heart to yours,